Programmer wanted

Info for programmers

First of all, important information about the game.
The uniqueness of our game is that it has several endings and 27 variations for the last level.

For instance:

In the final level your rocket can be: repaired (bright shining), demaged, or the same as at the beggining (old but not demaged).
You can also have brought good flower or bad flower or have no flower at all.
You can be dressed well, dressed wrong or wear no dress.
As you can see there will be lot of variations.
But the endings are going to be just like this:

You did great – your love wants you and takes you inside her house (this ending should be most satisfying…for player…in a funny way)

You did good but there are some things (maybe you didnt bring the flower but your rocket looks brand new, so you know, thats what the girls want) – you are accepted

You did bad – your love hit you with a broomstick till you go back to the rocket and leave. Then you play again.


And since you can choose levels as you want or skip some, there will be variations in other levels too.

For instance:
You can visit the 3rd level and your rocket can be repaired (bright shining), demaged, or the same as at the beggining (old but not demaged), because changes with your rocket should happen in 2nd level – so if you skip this level, your rocket will be the same. But if you go for this 2nd level, you can repair your rocket there, or make it even worse by accident.


The idea is that we will make every possible action as an animation/video sequence.
So there will be plenty of video sequences which are going to change/play as player click on the right spot.

For instance:
You click on the rocket- animation of walk will play then it skips to animation of jumping into the rocket.
Video sequences should be “full screen” with alpha transparency, in layers.


(i hope you all can uderstand 🙂


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